Who’s Ready to Try My Favorite Kind of Salsa Dip?

Salsa dip

Salsa dips are one of the healthiest, tastiest and most popular kind of dips to serve up at social gatherings as an easy to eat snack, or as a fantastic side to a delicious dinner. This classic mild salsa dip can easily be made spicier for those who like their food to bite them back, or toned down further for those who are extra sensitive to spicy flavors.

Pico de gallo salsa dips are probably my all time favorites, as there are so many ways that pico de gallo can be served, and so many other ingredients that it can be paired with to create an interesting layered dip. Even a cursory Google search for recipes and tips will reveal hundreds of varied recipes with salsa dip. And salsa nutrition is generally great, with a dash of fiber, very few fresh salsa calories, and with vegetable ingredients full of healthy antioxidants.

Some nice tomatoes, a little (or a lotta’) cilantro, some onions, a dash of salt… and you’re ready to make all sorts of amazing pico de gallo salsa dips that will wow your guests and get them asking what your secret recipe is. There are many other ingredients you can blend into pico de gallo salsa dips, with lime juice and jalapeno peppers being among the most common for a traditional style pico de gallo. There are so many recipes using salsa, I gave up trying to count all the variations on the classic mix of ingredients.

There are also some pico de gallo salsa dip recipes that accomplish great things by combining pico and guacamole together into a layered dip. The freshness and light feel of pico de gallo salsa dips really pairs nicely with the creamy richness of well made guacamole. There are so many recipes with salsa dip that I enjoy I won’t even get started trying to describe them all here, but rest assured there’s a whole world of tasty dishes and sides for you to experiment with! More like this blog.

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