What Are Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and What is Their Impact on Employees?

Enterprise mobile solutions

Enterprise mobility. You may have heard the term somewhere, but you probably do not know what is means. Just what is enterprise mobility? Enterprise mobility refers to all people, technology, and processes involved in the management of wireless networks, mobile devices, and other related services that facilitate business mobile computing. But what is enterprise mobility used for, and what value add does it provide organizations?

Enterprise mobility solutions are created in response to the recent trend of fluidity in workplace environments and employee work habits. More and more people are doing their work outside of the office. 50 percent of all mobile phone users own smartphones, and many of them use those smartphones to do work. Even if these people cannot answer the question, “what is enterprise mobility,” their technological mobility is the very definition of enterprise mobility applications in action. Many of them utilize ActiveSync, which permits mobile users access to work email, regardless of where they are or what device they are using. These workers are taking advantage of cloud computing and mobile devices as a means of remaining connected to their jobs while they are not actually in the office.

When answering the question, what is enterprise mobility, one must keep in mind that enterprise mobility management is an emerging discipline referring not just to mobile workers and mobile devices, but also the extensive mobility of corporate data. By 2015, over half of all smart phones used for business purposes will be owned by the corporation rather than by the employee. Gone are the days when corporate information existed only in the material world and was kept under lock and key in a file drawer. Currently, employees are capable of uploading PowerPoint presentations from their personal desktop PCs to the cloud so that those presentations can be accessed from the personal tablet of a supervisor. What is enterprise mobility if not maximized corporate efficiency?

What is enterprise mobility? One thing is certainly can be is a cloud based mobile device management solution that is capable of quickly supporting new mobile operating systems that have just been released or are in the process of being upgraded. This makes it easier for IT departments to streamline processes. Many CEOs want to know what is enterprise mobility doing about increasing productivity. The answer is, a great deal!

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