What Are Some Storage Ideas for Bathroom Cabinets? – Home Improvement Tips

There are plenty of choices for bathroom cabinets that will meet your needs in the bathroom. Read on to discover the best storage solutions for bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom cabinets which are located above the toilet will be your first choice for storage. One of the most overlooked areas in bathroom storage is that is above the toilet. Installing bathroom cabinets above your toilet will make great storage space for towel rolls, toilet paper and many other products.

The third storage solution are bathroom wall cabinets. Bathroom wall cabinets can be found in many dimensions, finishes, and material. They are a great way to clear counter space, enhance appearance and function, and also include racks for towels.

Linen cabinets make up the third category of storage. Bathroom cabinets tend to be taller and wider as compared to wall cabinet. They are often equipped with drawers and doors, and can even have adjustable shelves.

The final option is the medicine cabinets. They come with storage on the interior as well as mirrors out. These mirrors can be placed directly above your sink, and they come completely built with adjustable shelves.

For more bathroom design ideas look into bathroom cabinet shops near you or watch the video below!


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