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Dog Saves Owner from Cancer Three Pug Stories

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Dog health

Did you know that in the 1570s, William of Orange led the Dutch rebellion against Spain? He won many battles, but if it were not for his pug, Pompey, William would not have survived the war. An ambush came in the middle of the night, and it was Pompey who heard the enemies and barked a warning. To this day, pugs have remained a loyal friend to many humans. Interested in more pug stories like this? Keep reading.

1. Dog Saves by Sniffing

Did you know that dogs have, at minimum, scent receptor capabilities that are 1,000 times more powerful than that of humans? The Daily Express sniffed out the story of Flo, who saved her owner from breast cancer. Flo persistently nudged a lump on owner Marian Cooper’s right breast until she went to get it checked. The lump was so deep that it was difficult

Launch a New Career With SEO Reseller Program

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About search engine optimization

Are you interesting in becoming an entrepreneur? Do you want the flexibility and freedom that comes from having your own company where you can set your own schedule? Do you have terrific sales and marketing skills? You may want to consider entering a SEO reseller program.

You have probably seen a lot of information about search engine optimization. You know that SEO directly affects the performance of websites in terms of page rankings. The higher the ranking the more visitors will be attracted to that website. As a representative of a SEO reseller program you will be directly involved with helping your clients attain this success.

You will not need any specific education or training to be involved with a SEO reseller program, but it is a good idea that you know the basics of SEO. With a g

If a Shut-in Can Have Fun in Rochester, so Can You

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Rochester art museum

When I first moved to Rochester I lived near the corner of Goodman and Monroe. We had the worst upstairs neighbors in the world, and every single night that they threw parties until 3 am was one more night that we felt less and less like Rochester was the great place that we were originally sold on. Flash forward three years, and now I have done quite a lot while in Rochester, and I find that there is more and more I keep adding to my list.

You have probably heard from the Rochester news about all of the festivals, music concerts, and attractions that Rochester has to offer, but you do not know what you are missing until you have actually gone out there and tried them! The food, the entertainment, and the landmarks are truly not to be missed, even if unruly neighbors are depriving you of sleep.